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Retention Bridge is a People Analytics company. We are the first and only People Analytics company in Ireland whose sole focus is HR data analytics. We empower our clients to make the best-informed decisions by combining workforce research and human resource data analytics. The solutions we provide are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and place people analytics at the core of your business to help achieve business objectives. Retention Bridge specialises in measuring, understanding, and predicting workforce behaviours to support business decision making and help achieve business strategy.


Employee Retention Diagnostic

Retention Bridge™ have a well developed unified and fully integrated diagnostic process that provides you with a full picture of employee turnover within your organisation.

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Employee Retention Strategy Development

As expert researchers, we distill the latest research findings and expert opinion into specific advice on how to develop an effective HR retention strategy that match the current and future needs of your organisation.

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Predictive Analytics

Reducing your employee turnover using predictive analytics leads to direct cost savings and a significant increase to the bottom line. Find out how we can help.

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How your organisation can benefit

Transform your people data into actionable insights

Most companies have all the data they need, they just don’t know how to use it. We show you how!

Reduce your employee turnover

Use the insights you gain to implement strategies that achieve optimum turnover rates

Get competitive advantage in a tight workforce market

Leverage your insights and strategies to attract and retain top employees

Reduce turnover costs and increase your bottom line

Make significant savings from you retention initiatives to increase profitability

Achieve your business strategy

Having top performers in your company removes barriers, helping you achieve your business goals

Become an Employer of Choice

Organisations that care and perform find it easier to attract and retain the right talent

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