About Us

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Retention Bridge™ is an expert in employee engagement, retention, human resource consulting and data analytics. We help companies attract, hire and retain talent, improve performance, diminish risk and manage human capital cost. With our commitment to matching research and analysis to our client’s needs, Retention Bridge™  gives companies the power to drastically improve overall employee satisfaction, reduce costs significantly, and promote profitable growth.

Retention Bridge™ specialises in measuring, understanding and predicting workforce behaviors. Diagnostic studies, recruiting studies, onboarding studies, engagement studies, stay interviews and exit interviews are all ways that you can use our services to gather valuable data that sheds light on the things your organisation is doing right and conversely what should be done better.

What you can expect

At Retention Bridge™ we value person to person relationships with our business partners.

Our clients can expect:

  • A dedicated consultant to manage their account – always.
  • Prompt responsiveness. Our consultants pride themselves on being there for you.
  • Employee retention expertise. Our account representatives know the issues you are facing and use their years of expertise to tailor your surveys and interviews so that they garner the highest number of the best possible responses.
  • Guidance. Our consultants know that you’re busy with your already demanding day to day operations. They study the data for you and provide meaningful summaries that show you the issues you’re facing. Then, they tell you how you can fix them.

Ready for a Solution?

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Ready for a Solution? Contact Us for a Free Consultation