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Retention Bridge specialise in hiring people who have the drive to succeed and the will to implement the discipline required to succeed. We focus on nurturing our team and providing our team with an environment that is conducive to creative thought. We focus on eliminating stress and pressure so our team can think clearly and creatively.

If you want to make an impact by doing work that really matters while learning from others, Retention Bridge has a lot to offer.  We’re committed to understanding you, your strengths and your aspirations — because the more we know about you, the better we’re able to represent you to our clients and present you with career-changing projects. What’s more, because we are growing, you have the opportunity to make an impact on our culture and approach.

The first step is to meet you and assess the opportunity to work together. Though we might not have a project that’s right for you the day we meet, if the relationship is mutually beneficial, we’ll stay in touch. The goal is to help you build a career that will excite your passion to succeed, compensate you competitively, and seriously enrich your life.

5 Reasons to Meet with Us

  • More interesting projects. Our projects are business critical, requiring smart thinking and leveraging modern technology. What’s more, each success opens doors for other engagements.
  • We listen. We want to understand who you are, what you’ve done, and where you want to go. This allows us to line up ideal matches between people and opportunities.
  • Insight, broad and deep. We’re experts in research, data analytics and strategy, but also about teams, cultures, processes and opportunities. We understand the types of people each project needs — and the best opportunities for you to succeed.
  • We’re here for you. We make sure you’re positioned for success, checking in with you throughout each project, resolving issues and supporting you from one engagement to the next.
  • Great compensation. We appreciate your value and provide competitive compensation packages and benefits.

Retention Bridge is a People Analytics company. We are the first and only People Analytics company in Ireland whose sole focus is HR data analytics. We empower our clients to make the best-informed decisions by combining workforce research and human resource data analytics. The solutions we provide are tailored to each organisation’s specific needs and place people analytics at the core of their business to help achieve business objectives. Retention Bridge specialises in measuring, understanding, and predicting workforce behaviours to support business decision making and help achieve business strategy.

Retention Bridge provides services to companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

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If there are no open positions listed below but you feel you are a right fit for our company, please feel free to send in your CV by filling out the apply now form.

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