People Analytics

If you are considering implementing People Analytics in your organisation, it is crucial that you first understand the major components that are necessary for people analytics success. We have developed the People Analytics Success (P.A.S.) Framework™. Retention Bridge propriety P.A.S. Framework™ provides you with the knowledge you need to create and develop high impact people analytics initiatives that create value for your organisation.

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Strategic HR Metrics, Reporting and Dashboarding

Data-driven HR starts by defining and implementing the right HR metrics and is the first step in the journey to analytics maturity. Retention Bridge can help you to establish the connection between talent and strategic success and create accurate and effective metrics that are aligned and support your organisation’s strategy and provide business value.

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Capability Assessment

The people analytics capability assessment is a process that allows you to identify the capabilities you want and need to succeed. It examines your organisations current position and future requirements across different areas such as; expertise, skills, competencies, tools, technologies, analytics maturity, your data requirements and your current and future data practices. Once the capability assessment is complete, a gap analysis is performed and an action plan is put in place to optimise your journey to people analytics success.

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