Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Using machine learning algorithms, we sense when people are likely to leave, and apply those predictions to your company’s unique data.

An intensely competitive employee marketplace demands that employers take proactive measures to predict and prevent turnover to achieve business goals. HR possess large quantities of people data. By applying predictive analysis to this data, organisations can be empowered to make data driven decisions instead of relying on gut feeling and soft science. Reducing employee turnover using predictive analytics leads to direct cost savings and a significant increase to the bottom line.

Many of today’s data-driven companies use predictive analytics as a mission-critical tool to mitigate the high cost of managing employee turnover by identifying which employees are at risk of leaving the organisation. Moreover, combining predictive analytics with traditional employee surveys can lead to significant decrease in employee churn.

Once we have gained an understanding of your organisations historical events, Retention Bridge™ Predictive Analytics service provides your organisation with the ability to look into the future. Our analysis and modeling capabilities allow you to see and alter future employee turnover trends for better business results.

How we work

Once you partner of Retention Bridge Consulting  we will be with you every step of the way – from identifying what data needs to be gathered, who needs to be interviewed, crafting specific studies, providing data analysis, to building strategy to address specific issues and meet predefined business goals.

We will become an integral part of your internal team by providing research, data analysis and recommendations along the entire feedback cycle. Our entire focus is your is your organisational goals and developing engagement and retention strategies that helps you reach them. We find what isn’t working and get it working again, potentially saving your organisation hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnover costs.

Business leaders crave insights and actionable intelligence to drive results in their business. But not all data are equal! Retention Bridge Consulting use cutting edge data analytic techniques and technology to extract valuable information from your data so that you can take actions that will have the biggest impact for your organisation.

Once we gather all the required data, we will work to identify the major trends and issues with the supporting raw data as a reference. We will regularly meet with you and any key leaders to discuss key insights and will work with you to build a plan of action to make key changes.

Traditional reporting can tell you what is happening with your organisation, but without context or knowing why something is happening, your interpretation won’t be based on all the facts.

Our analytical report is one which uses qualitative and quantitative company data.  It provides a fact based understanding of your metrics to help you understand your challenges and monitor how different areas of a your employee life-cycle are performing. We provide valuable informational summaries that help you understand patterns, trends, and insights within your organisation. This analyses, as well as evaluating a business strategy or process will allow you to make decisions based on evidence and analytics.

We use our experience in human resources and our ability to capture the specific data you need to design thorough action plans to solve your retention issues.

As avid researchers of academic journals and as members of SHRM, CIPD, the Academy of Management and the Change Management Institute, we keep up to date with all modern research in HR and employee retention studies and initiatives. We use this knowledge and our intimate knowledge of your organisation and to craft recommendations that meet your specific needs, helping you develop a solid action plan to maximise your employee retention and minimise cost associated with employee turnover.

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